zondag 16 september 2007

Have No Fear!

Ach kijk zie, het tegenoffensief is reeds begonnen:

The mayor is a little uncomfortable. 'Could we go somewhere more private to talk?' begs Myriam Delacroix-Rolin. 'This cafe is Flemish-owned. These days things have become so sensitive. I should not be heard speaking French in there.'

Nondenonde. Waarom spreekt ze dan af met de reporter in een Vlaams café? Om die dingen te kunnen zeggen?

Enne, het wordt nog beter:

'We are bilingual, and that is our right. No one held a referendum to ask whether we wanted to be part of Flanders. We just woke up one day [in 1962] and the linguistic frontier had been drawn south of us.'

"We Are Bilingual." Waar heb ik dat nog gehoord?

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